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You’re eager to get started with online sports betting and where to gamble online. All you really need to do is choose one of the many fine online sportsbooks.

My personal recommendations include,,, and If you are very eager, feel free to jump right to these sites with my blessing. But I do have plenty more to tell you about online sports betting, so you’re more than welcome to stick around or come back.


I’ll be going into more depth about each of them in turn, but you may rest assured that each and every one of my recommendations are financially stable companies with noted customer service and support. They’re all extremely user-friendly, making it as easy as possible to set up and maintain your personal account (including a variety of safe and secure ways to deposit and withdraw funds).

Each have a comfortable and even quite attractive online environment in which to place bets, and all offer free methods to view statistics, results and all manner of up-to-the-second information. For those interested in a wide variety of online gambling games, all of these online bookmakers also have casinos where you can play online casino games such as: blackjack and slots, poker rooms, bingo and racebooks.

Where they differ is merely in the details of specific bonus policies, limits, lines, and sometimes the various types of sport (though you may be sure that every major sport is well-represented on each site). If you know that you’ll want a few non-sport-related online gambling distractions from time to time, you may also want to look for a sportsbook with online casino games on the side like online slots – and most of them offer up free slots – or poker.

The only real decision that you have to make is the which of the best online sports betting sites matches your personal style and specific choices.

Once you have made your choice, all you need to do to get going is to sign up for your personal account on the chosen online sports betting site. Simple enough! Usually it’s just a matter of clicking on the “Sign Up” button on the main page or main menu. This will take you to a short form where you can choose a user name, enter the basic info of your personal details, et cetera…and submit. I’d be extremely surprised if it takes you more than a few minutes (and this coming from a man who still has to double-check his phone number now and again).

If you are used to placing bets with a bookie, or friends, the only real difference that you’ll see when online gambling is how the money changes hands. As with everything else about online sports betting or other games such as online slots or online bingo at Gala Bingo, the ease and speed has been maximized to a great extent (after all, computers were specifically made to count very quickly!). After the major advances of the last decade in speed, security, and user-friendliness, one can now truly feel free to transfer money over the internet, whether it is in the form of a check or money order, a bank/ wire transfer, or even Western Union! And, of course, you can always count on online sports betting sites to accept any major credit card (and often most debit cards as well, especially in the UK and other European locations).


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