Sports Betting Tips

Like to watch sports? LOVE to bet?? We’re going to bring you the best sports betting sites online AND give you our hottest tips.

Sports betting never had a bigger revolution than the Internet. Once you had to settle for casual wagers with friends or dull trips to the nearest sportsbook (and for many of you in the same situation as myself, there simply was none!). Now any bet can be made, with any amount, at any time of the day or night.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can make a bet (and with the spread of wireless, that pretty much means anywhere — except possibly the slopes of the Himalayas, and they may be getting high-speed wi-fi before you know it!)

Most of the best sports books can even be accessed from a PDA or smartphone, such as the iPhone, which makes it possible to place any bet you like while sitting at a coffeehouse or waiting for a train.

In the next few weeks we hope to be bringing you live sports betting tips updated each day.

Maybe football is your game, maybe boxing, horse racing, basketball or tennis. No matter what your sport of choice, you’ll find all the greatest tips online (except for where to find the loosest slots in Vegas, someone else has that one covered) on — and you will also find the best places to play these online!

Perhaps you bet to show your loyalty to a particular team, or to add to the fun of your favorite sport. Perhaps you are more of a professional bettor, knowing the statistics and following the trends to make the smartest bet each time. There are many people who can supplement their income quite well in that way!

No matter what your reasons or your method, we’ll have the best way to make your sports betting experience as enjoyable and secure as possible. Follow our tips and you simply can’t go wrong!

Another option to look into is that of the online “wallet”. If you’ve dealt with PayPal for an eBay purchase, you know the basic principle of the online wallet. Think of it as a dedicated online bank that specializes in making your online sports betting experience much more convenient. If you find yourself placing bets on a regular basis, a wallet will safely and securely manage the transfer of funds to and from your chosen online sports betting site’s account, and do so with amazing speed and ease. Choosing the best online wallet is beyond my scope here, but a brief visit to your search engine will dig up the major players in no time. If you are really stuck, go to any of the major sports betting sites (,,, and ) and they will be more than happy to give you a link to their preferred wallet partner.

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